10 Bullet Journal Budget Money Trackers

There are hundreds of ways to use a bullet journal to keep yourself organized, so if you’re looking for an excuse to get into the bullet journaling trend but don’t know where to start, here’s a micro-option for you: Use it just to track your household budget. Need some inspiration? These examples show different ways bullet journaling can help you track your spending and saving.

Bullet journal spending tracker

Here’s a basic way to separate money coming in and going out.

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Bullet journal “Where does my paycheck go” spread

If you have a good idea what your expenses are, you can calculate the total amount of expenses at the end of the month. Use a color coding system that can help you visually see where your money is begin spent.

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Bullet journal bill tracker

Create a separate table for each of your recurring bills so you can mark the payment total and date paid.

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Bullet journal utilities bill tracker

For utilities bills, these are often fluctuating bills, you can use a utility bills tracker.

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Bullet journal subscription tracker

While you could use this for its original intent as a subscription tracker, you could also modify it to make sure that you pay all your monthly recurring bills.

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Total money makeover spread

In this spread, I love how these goals are actionable steps that include ways to improve money habits, as well as physical savings goals. The main takeaway from this spread is that your goals don’t have to be lofty; they just have to move you from point A to a slightly better point B.

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Bullet journal debt and credit card tracker

One of the first things to work on that will definitely help your finances is to pay off debt. By splitting your debt into smaller increments, the progress will keep you motivated to reach your goal of becoming debt-free. Here’s a simple debt tracker idea. With a spread like this, you can make sure you’re paying your credit card balance as well as see how much you’re spending month to month.

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Bullet journal savings

You should definitely save up for an emergency fund for unexpected circumstances. I personally like this template because you can track different saving goals

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