Pregnancy Ideas For Your Bullet Journal

Are you struggling with tracking your progress through pregnancy? Are you overwhelmed and stressed about the baby being there and you not being ready?

At this moment I’m 32 weeks pregnant and a while ago I almost freaked out because of so many things I need to organize before the baby comes. I started to look for pregnancy ideas for in my bullet journal (I’m using a Leuchtturm 1917). Because there are so many women dealing with hormones and nesting instinct I wanted to share these Pregnancy Ideas for your bullet journal, you might fall in love with them!
General Health Tracker

In this journal spread you can easily track your weight gain and waist measurements. This spread can also be used for reminding you of things that you should be eating and things that you should not be eating. You can also add workout schedules so you can stay fit. Just check if these workouts are still allowed in your pregnancy term.

Newborn checklist

In this spread, I would organize everything into categories. With this spread, I would organize everything into categories. Start with the high priority things. Do you need to order the nursery furniture? Check delivery times! With my daughter, I was due in March, but I ordered the nursery furniture in December and received it at the beginning of February.

Financial Goals

The nursery furniture, stroller, car seat, clothes… you might need a financial plan before your little comes. You can use this layout to write down your pregnancy financial goals.


Baby To Do’s

Write down all of the things you need to get done before the baby gets here. That might be washing the baby’s clothes, organizing your hospital bag, make some freezer meals so you will always have something healthy to eat.

Pregnancy Mood tracker

If you are pregnant, you (and your partner) will meet the lovely hormones. Your hormones determine your mood and that can change every few hours if you are pregnant. I love this lovely mood tracker by Kara from BohoBerry.


Sleep Log

In this last trimester of my pregnancy, my sleep just makes fun of me. I wake up 3-4 times a night, so I thought keeping a Sleep Tracker in my bullet journal is a good idea. Log your sleep with these kinds of trackers. As I’m a fan of BohoBerry this is another beautiful tracker of her.


Water Intake

How many glasses of water did you eat today? Are you drinking enough? You can keep an eye on your water intake with this tracker. You can use this tracker also for your fruit or vegetable intake.

Cleaning schedule

Already experienced what nesting is? Still cleaning? Keep a list of things you want to clean before your baby comes.

Other spread ideas you can use:

  • Baby names
  • Nursery setup
  • Baby shower gift tracker
  • Dr. apt log
  • Baby growth tracker
  • Favorite pregnancy recipes
  • Hospital bag checklist
  • Childcare checklist
  • Countdown to baby log
  • Prenatal vitamin log
  • Pregnancy highlights
  • Questions to ask your Dr.
  • Birth planning spread

You can keep a separate bullet journal for your baby. After birth, you can use this same bullet journal to track milestones of your baby or feeding logs.

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