Kitchen layout ideas 2018

Kitchen layout ideas to make your kitchen outstanding

Are you making plans to remodel your kitchen and looking for some nice kitchen layout ideas? Watch these nice kitchen decor layout ideas for inspiration to make your kitchen outstanding.Two toned kitchen cabinet

Blakes London

Two-toned kitchen cabinets have been growing in popularity but are going on a different popular direction by combining bleached wood cabinets with a nice paint color as shown in this modern kitchen by Blakes London.

Farmhouse kitchen

Blakes London

The modern farmhouse trend is driving the craving for vintage lighting. But we are not talking about Edison bulbs. These days old-timey copper pendants are in demand particularly in places where task lighting is needed like over this kitchen island by Blakes London.

Lavender kitchen

Vidal Design Collaborative

Adding a big amount of color to a kitchen is one of the possibilities when it comes to giving boring kitchens a more personal touch. This kitchen is designed by Vidal Design Collaborative, a lavender kitchen island gives another twist. island spices things up.

Stone sink kitchen layout

JAS Design Build

Most people still add stainless steel or white ceramic sinks in their new kitches. You might want to reconsider that when you decide to give your kitchen an update. Have you ever thought of stone sink?


It’s time to say goodbye to that white subway tile because it’s time for more geometric patterns. In this kitchen ACME RE succeeded in changing the wall in an eye-popping feature.

Terrazzo countertops


Marble is timeless and has a chic and classy look. However, the colourful terrazzo made its re-entrance and may be preferred because of its robust material that, just like marble, is perfect for countertops. You can also choose from a wide varied palette of colors.

If you still like the subway tiles, you might also like the smaller version of these tiles. These little tiles are ideal for small spaces where the bigger sized subway tiles may be too much.

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