15 Ways to Keep Toddlers Busy


If you have a toddler like mine, you have a toddler that constantly keeps you on your toes. In this post you will find 15 fun activities to keep your toddler busy. These ideas will also help to improve your toddlers motoric skills.

1.  Color Matching

If your toddler is old enough to play independently, you can introduce this game using colourful pompoms. Let your toddler sort out all the colorful pompoms while learning the right colors.

color matchingSource: theimaginationtree.com


2.   Playdough

Play dough

While playing with Playdough your little toddler builds strength in his hands for fine motor skills. You can buy Playdough but it is also possible to make Playdough at home with this recipe.


3.   Pipe Cleaners and Colander

Toddlers can have a lot of fun with pipe cleaners. Give them a bunch of pipe cleaners and a colander and  show them how to stick pipe cleaners in the holes of a colander. This is great for  practicing fine motor skills.

pipe cleaner and colanderSource: theimaginationtree.com

4.   Shape Sorter

You can buy shape sorter toys but it is also possible to make them by yourself. Watch this youtube video how to make a shape sorter.

5.   Contact Paper Art

Place a piece of clear contact paper on the wall with some tape on the corners. . Then give your toddler materials to stick on there.


6.   Paint in Bags

Place paint in a gallon sized Ziploc bag. Seal the bag, then tape them to a window  of on a table. Let your toddler move the paint around in the bag using their fingers.

7.   Pack ‘n Play

Set up a pack ‘n play and put books and stuffed animals inside. This may take some training for them play independently, but if you work with them starting out for just a few minutes playing in there per day, they can work their way up to 15 minutes.

Pack n play

8.   Pom Poms Through a Tube

I love this activity! Just take a paper towel tube and tape it to the wall. Then have your toddler drop pompoms through it into a bowl. It sounds so simple, but my toddler really loves it! And the best part is how quiet this activity is.

Tube with pompom

9.   Race Cars on Tape

Create a race track using masking tape on the floor. Then let your little one play quietly with cars on the track.

cars on tape

10.  Fabric Scrap Box

Cut up pieces of fabric and place them in an empty wipes container. Have your toddler pull the scraps out and then put them back in. This is great for practicing fine motor skills.

Wrap box

11. Magnets on Fridge

Simply have your toddler stick magnets on the fridge. We use alphabet letters and magnetic pom poms, but you  can also use magnetic fruits and vegetables.

magnets on fridge

12. Bubble Wrap

Have your toddler pop bubble wrap. This one can get noisy, but if you need a quick activity for your toddler to do, this would be great! Just please make sure you watch them because this can be a choking hazard.

Bubble wrap

13.  Build a Tower

Using cubes or blocks, have them build a tower. It’s also fun for girls!

Playing with blocks

14.  Painting

This is a simple activity, but have them paint. You can use a window in your home to let them paint some nice things.

Window paintingSource: whatwedoallday.com


15. Sensory Balloon Animals

We made sensory balloon bugs a while back and they are a huge hit. When I want my toddler to play quietly, I get these out and let her play with them. Once again, please use discretion with this activity. If your child puts a lot of objects in their mouth, this may not be a good activity for them.

Sensory balloon



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