Tips how to declutter your home

Before you immediately start to declutter, I suggest to take things step by step. Start with something small and easy!


When it comes to clearing cabinets, shelves and cupboard, first take out everything that isn’t being used like old or (almost) empty shampoos and showergels. Throw away any outdated medications, makeup and skincare. Try to put all like items together in the same area or container and everything you want to keep back on the right place.


Toss anything that is old, you don’t wear, is outdated or too small. For accessories like jewelry, purses shoes and scarfs, do the same. If you don’t wear it often, it may not fit your lifestyle anymore, face it and throw them away or give it to someone else.
Make your bed and remove everything from your nightstands that doesn’t belong there like books you have already finished or glasses. Do the same for dressers or bureaus and try to resist the urge to put things back into your drawer, dresser or bureau.


The easiest way to declutter your closet is by type. Start decluttering your and your kids’ closet by only having seasonal clothes hanging in the closet. The same for your shoes and boots, there is really no need to keep your boots close when it is hot in the summer.


We have so many different types of items stored in our kitchen that keeping the kitchen clutter-free can be a real challenge. Just like your closet, you can decide to declutter by item (glassware, bakeware or utensils) or by kitchen zone. The first step is to completely empty each space, clean the empty space, and then put everything back in. Start with your pantry and uppercabinets, then your lower cabinets, drawers and the space under the kitchen sink. At the end, clean the countertop and move items off your countertop if you don’t use them on a daily base.

Living Room

The living room is the hardest place in your home to keep neat because it gets a lot of use. To declutter the living room start with bookcases, console and side tables. Empty the coffee table, put books away, get rid of old magazines and newspapers, return remote control to their right place etc. Finally pick up the toys and assess every toy if it is still something your kids play with. To help your kids put their toys away when they’ve finished playing with them, make sure they have easy spots to store them.

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