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We’ve all had days where we feel lazy and don’t want to do anything but watch TV, sleep or do nothing. We need these kind of days to reset ourself and to take a break from our busy schedules.

This post is about how to stop wasting time with activities that will obligate you to spend another late night to make up for those lost hours. The main question is how can we be more productive?


Create a morning routine

Hectic mornings, we all love them right? Starting your day with high stress levels can make your whole day unbearable. So instead, start with a relaxing morning routine. Start with a nice cup of coffee or tea and a nice breakfast. I like to wake up an hour before the rest does to enjoy the silence. Start with reading the newspaper, a book, or the things you like to do but don’t have the time for.

What kind of day is today?

If you have a relaxing day, it’s completely ok if you don’t want to do anything and just chill, watch some movies or read a good book. On some days you want to complete more tasks than usual. Before your day starts, determine what kind of day you will have. If you have a lot of meetings or appointments that day, don’t schedule anything else that needs hours of your attention, because you need to leave to attend the meeting.


Create a schedule

If you have repeating tasks throughout the week, do them at the same hour of the day. Planning to do something will ensure that you will actually complete that task. Create a global timetable where you schedule the most important tasks for you. Leave gaps between your tasks to give yourself a break.



Focus on one task at a time and move on to another task only when you finished the previous one. Even if you think you can multitask, it often doesn’t lead to more productivity.


Close your mail

We all know the notification on the bottom right of your screen. This notification can be distracting when you need to focus on an important task. So unless you have a job where you need to immediately react on incoming emails, close your email or shut down the notification. Create a schedule for checking your email, like mid-morning, after lunch or somewhere in the middle of the afternoon.


Disable mobile alerts

Ping! A new email or notification comes in and automatically you pick up your mobile to check the alert. If you have something going on that really needs your full focus, just disable these mobile alerts. Games on your mobile can be fun, but turn off their notifications or delete them when they are causing problems with your productivity.


Learn to say no

A large number of people tend to say yes to almost any task in front of them without thinking them through. When time is important and the stakes are high, learn how to say no to the things that don’t align with your priorities. Overestimating your abilities might lead you to failure, so saying no to things is alright, especially if you don’t feel excited about them. And this can make you less productive.


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